running all over the place

My grandparents have helped me so much over time that I am always looking for ways to help them whenever they need it. I mainly assist them by helping them keep up their yard and by doing small repairs around their property. I cut their grass about three to four times a month, and I… Read more running all over the place

Our indoor air is so clean

I have the worst climate in the world concerning air quality. I think most areas do not have to worry about air quality. Temperate climates may use a heat pump system. A heat pump is a heating and cooling system. The heat pump uses the outdoor air temperature in addition to inside air and either… Read more Our indoor air is so clean

Our indoor air is dry

My boyfriend James is mostly a crafty dude. He usually is amazing me with brilliant inventions. He has a gun that the bullets are impossibly to pack. He then hollowed out some plastic arrow and put the bullets in. Then the bullets slide through the arrow inside to the interior of the gun. It worked… Read more Our indoor air is dry

This was a wonderful idea

I bought a house some three years ago and so far I have been a very responsible in making changes to the house. I am up to date on the many newest technologies and recently installed a top of the line security system. My lawn is usually green and I have many lovely flowers all… Read more This was a wonderful idea

Smart thermostat tips

Celebrating birthdays is something I just love. I get a huge high out of seeing all my friends and relatives opening thoughtful, personalized gifts. I adore knowing that for a instant, I did something to make him or her feel important. Also, I really love cake, especially if the cake has lots of frosting. This… Read more Smart thermostat tips

I’m feeling endangered

 In these times, life as a teacher can be difficult. Many modern-day children  wish to have entertainment in class, and I have noticed that it has become a great deal harder for kids to concentrate as they should. As a teacher, I always try to ensure that my daily lesson plans are well-prepared, filled with… Read more I’m feeling endangered