I wish I had a better heater

Last weekend turned out to be one of the best ever. I arranged for my longtime girlfriend and I to spend some alone time at a popular couples resort and while there, I planned to ask her to marry me.  As I had hoped, she said “Absolutely”.  Feeling like honeymooners already, we decided to spend… Read more I wish I had a better heater

What a meltdown

We planned for months to take our mom on a special tour for Mother’s day. There is an old Mental facility downtown that’s been turned into a hotel. It was vacant for more than twenty years and has a reputation for being haunted. The people that took over the renovation were forced with maintaining the… Read more What a meltdown

Heat exhaustion

Not long ago I decided I was going to start exercising and get myself back into shape. It has really been a while since I worked on that, but I think the time has come. My first plan was to go running every morning. When I was just beginning to do this, I overdid it… Read more Heat exhaustion