The best christams

When my spouse and I became engaged, it was so memorable and romantic. The Christmas tree ended up being decorated, and the lights have been twinkling. He had come in the house several times and he was always checking out the Christmas tree in our home. He was decorating, so it is where he need… Read more The best christams

Listening to the suggestions

I’m such a sucker for my parents more than anything on earth. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t drive me crazy sometimes. Most days it makes me sad above all else to see how frail they’ve already become. Recently, we decided to move them into the small cottage at the back of their house, for… Read more Listening to the suggestions

I keep working hard

My sweet niece other has been talking about working online for many great time. I was really excited for my child, when she found out that she was going to be working from home. We thought to turn our spare bedroom inside an office, and purchased a fresh computer for the space. My brother-in-law and… Read more I keep working hard

We should fix our furnace

I’ve been working for the same HVAC repair company with the past 6 years. The corporation is privately owned, and they treat a bunch of their employees with respect. I really enjoy that about our business proprietors, and that is what provides kept me here for that long. I see all types involving HVAC repairs… Read more We should fix our furnace

Working on my heater

I live in an area that experiences ridiculously long and cold winter months. It is usual to get snow on both Halloween and Easter, and temperatures fall well below zero for many months straight. I typically start up the furnace sometime in September, and it runs continually till April. Because of the huge cost of… Read more Working on my heater