The town gossip

    Every six months I get my HVAC system serviced. Many of my friends dread these kinds of appointments, but I do not mind. I always clean the house before the appointment. I definitely do not want the HVAC technician to find my house in disarray. When I clean my house, I clean the whole place,… Read more The town gossip

Refrigerant leaks

Two Saturdays ago, I had a birthday BBQ organized for some of my friends and family. I was busy most in the week so I wasn’t able to mow my lawn until that morning. I literally was mowing the lawn Saturday morning while it was extremely hot outside. The mix of mowing the lawn and… Read more Refrigerant leaks

Modern heating and air

I certainly love my HVAC system, it is perfection for my family. We have recently installed radiant heated flooring and walls! This heats our home very balanced in the winter time. There can be a horrible blizzard outside and we cope with no problem at all. The only hard part is plowing the major snow… Read more Modern heating and air