Let’s cool the air down

 A short while ago, I found an online vacation rental company. It is becoming famous and often offers much better prices than regular hotels. It happens to be growing extremely fast, so that a great many cities are passing laws against allowing people to rent out their homes, using this amazing site. Since I am… Read more Let’s cool the air down

HVAC tune-up information

You may or may not realize that the housing slump has ended. In fact, the realtors here are saying that it has now become a seller’s market again, and I can see this may true. I have been seeking a small, inexpensive home to occupy when I retire in fifteen years, but I am not… Read more HVAC tune-up information

Energy saving tips

Has any of you ever met someone who claims that the idea of being an adult is too awful for words? I get where they’re coming from, for sometimes it can be difficult to be a responsible person. I should know, I have been one for ages.           The worst part of being an adult is… Read more Energy saving tips

Furnace service

I are now living a mountain town that blows a chill wind in the winter.  It is exactly the type of place I was looking for:  gorgeous views, nice people, a true sense of community, and “far from the madding crowd.”   I’m learning to  love my little cabin but I’ve noticed one thing.  The former… Read more Furnace service

You need to respect people

I recently purchased a log cabin by a lake last month. It is probably around 73 years old. It is a well built, gorgeous, historic structure. I remember spending time there as a child and do not recall it missing anything. Clearly a child’s mind doesn’t see everything because returning as an adult I immediately… Read more You need to respect people