Camping would not be bad if my wonderful friend and I had air conditioning.

After years of telling almost everyone I hated camping, I finally decided to provide it a try… Most people had mattresses in their tents or campers, and it was comfortable. Most campgrounds now had portable restrooms and portable shower containers, so you could use the bathroom and take showers onsite, however i really didn’t have a lot of reasons for hating camping. I didn’t like the bugs, and I told almost everyone that, but they brought citronella candles to put under the tables and around them. My best friend had flameless citronella inside the tents; There were no concerns with bugs, however now, I was trying to use the lack of air conditioning as a reason to not go camping… Last weekend, all of us were getting ready to go camping, and I told her I could not go. It was going to be over ninety degrees, and without air conditioning, I could not breathe, but she told me she had already taken care of that. They obtained a tent that was just screens so my wonderful friend and I could sit inside and relax. She also had a portable cooling system which she could sit close to me and my wonderful friend and I could be comfortable. I hated that she thought about getting a portable cooling system. She was taking away all my excuses for not going camping, and the lack of heating, ventilation, and A/C was my last objection. I’m going to need to sit down and do some thinking about what else I can use as an excuse to not go camping. My friend and I no longer use campfires because of the risk of wildfires, and now she has taken away the lack of Heating, Ventilation and A/C.

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