I don’t enjoy this

I despise the AC machine in my house. Whoever lived in my new home before myself and others was a fool when it came to AC upgrade. This woman installed the cooling plan in a corner on the ground of their residence. I kind of understand the localement. The indoor air handler plus outdoor air… Read more I don’t enjoy this

That was enjoyable

A few weekends ago I went on a short trip. Both of us were think to be getting a chilly front however initially it wasn’t supposed to be too bad. However, after I had left, the weather abruptly changed from disappointing to worse. The temperature was due to be much colder than expected & with… Read more That was enjoyable

Everyone is happy

I have been in university for a few semester now, and I tell you honestly that I was lied to. Everyone said that this would be the time of my life, but they were particularly wrong. All I do is study for test after test and worry about grades and how much this is costing… Read more Everyone is happy

I’m honestly flattered

My kid & I decided to spend Wednesday afternoon out on the golf links. My fiance worked a rare mid-week shift at the hospital, so he and I took advantage of the summer afternoon. It was rainy all afternoon, until we finally hit the final stretch of the course. By the time the two of… Read more I’m honestly flattered

That was very smart

My fiance and I are building a new home. It took us a long time to decide on the precise details because we wanted to add all the special details we’d ever need or want within this home. It’s going to be our dream home, so at first we went a little crazy brainstorming all… Read more That was very smart

The comfort of my home

My new wife and I finally made the last of the decisions on our brand new home and it’s going up in no time! We’re planning on it being our forever home, so we want to put as many features in it as possible. In the beginning, we went a little overboard in what we… Read more The comfort of my home