The loft a/c equipment

My modern home has been transformed recently into a spare kitchen for when we have suppliers.  Every one of us don’t have a thermostat located up there, because the room is barely used, except on holidays.  It is here only for when we have parties, then the modern home is used as a substitute children’s… Read more The loft a/c equipment

Service and HVAC

My husband usually schedules the seasonal repair on our Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. Occasionally he chooses to make a change and schedules the repair for the weekend, plus there are other times the two of us settle for a Sunday or Tuesday appointment. My husband called to properly schedule the Heating plus Air Conditioning… Read more Service and HVAC

The damaged air ducts

My family plus I have a enormous amount of wonderful, festive holiday decorations. Every one of us decorate for all of the major holidays including such events as St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, plus Christmas. Every one of us have the most Halloween decorations, because in this house that is our number one of all holidays.… Read more The damaged air ducts

HVAC changing things

I still remember how our mother sat in his room, when it was seventy degrees out, with his oil furnace running.  She would be trembling, shivering with hands of yellow, he was so very cold. I use to think it was quite absurd and all I could think about was how high our energy bill… Read more HVAC changing things

the a/c system is great

Last year I had some old school chums get together for some beers plus talking about the old days. It is something that all of us like to do once or twice a year, just to keep those old connections strong. The people I was with and I had graduated in the Class of 1993,… Read more the a/c system is great

The HVAC company logo

My partner in addition to I are both distance workers. She works for a sizable pharmaceutical company. She types up medical professional’s orders, so they are neat in addition to tidy for the pharmacist to be able to comprehend. I am in graphic design, in addition to usually spend most of the day doing creative… Read more The HVAC company logo