Ductwork giving me problems

I labor for a regional Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier as a independent heating in addition to cooling serviceman. I come in in addition to do freelance labor in their swamped seasons! When the diehard seasonal changes occur, they have a difficult time keeping up with their calls. My mom owned and operated a Heating… Read more Ductwork giving me problems

Great a/c in my nook

My classroom is currently in a small modular building that was supposed to be thoroughly renovated. Even though the building passed all of its inspections, though, I still have concerns. I have a lot of trouble with temperature control. The room never seems to be at the temperature that I set the thermostat to… I… Read more Great a/c in my nook

The sold house and HVAC

I have bought and sold so many types of houses and have made so much profit that I luckily do not have to look into the housing market as much as the average person.  But, it’s important information to consider when you need information on the value of a property.  My first home purchase did… Read more The sold house and HVAC

Long lost mother

For the longest time, I always wanted to know who my real birth mother was. I have tried to find her for a long time. Recently, thanks to the use of the internet, I was finally able to find my real birth mother and her most recent address. I decided to go over to her… Read more Long lost mother

Living with too many roommates

I recently met someone who couldn’t afford their apartment but absolutely refused to ever consider living with another human being ever again. Apparently, they had lived alone for several years and couldn’t imagine cohabitating again, no matter the situation. I can sympathize to some degree, but I’ve experienced a few different living situations in my… Read more Living with too many roommates