AC on our lanai

My bestie Mark & I just rented out a super new house. Our home is totally attractive as far as we’re all concerned, too. It has a brand new entryway with super clean tiles, appliances & windows. The guest bathroom has all new fixtures & the lake house even came with a lanai. The lanai… Read more AC on our lanai

Forced to get a new heater

I was not ready for my furnace to quit running, nor was I ready to purchase a new one.  I never thought about my furnace being well over twenty years old.  I hadn’t done any research, saved any money, or even talked to a HVAC company about the inevitability of needing a new HVAC system.… Read more Forced to get a new heater

Christmas heater issues

I usually enjoy the Christmas holiday.  I care about really shopping, selecting the perfect gift, as well as really spending time with family as well as real friends.  Although the holidays are a real strain on my budget, it usually isn’t a real concern for me.  This past year, however, I had a whole bunch… Read more Christmas heater issues

Baby shower furnace system

Last February, I was really invited to a baby shower at a real boutique steakhouse situated on Main Street in the real city.  It was only 13 degrees outside that day, as well as the real forecast called for more than 3 inches of snowfall.  I ended up parking my real automobile more than three… Read more Baby shower furnace system

Have to have my ac on

I am staying the whole night at my friend Tara’s venue. Tara has been just begging in addition to begging for me to spend the whole night. I don’t get why I just need to spend the night. Both of us can have a very nice night together in addition to then the two of… Read more Have to have my ac on