I can’t believe this

I enjoy travel. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot from a very young age. I am often pretty adaptable when it comes to certain varieties of travel. I am no fan of enclosed spaces or tight quarters, but I tend to manage when I’m aware that there’s an end in sight. Cruise… Read more I can’t believe this

Taking care of my home

The majority would not be envious of my job. I mow lawns and do landscaping to pay my bills. In my defense, I have to say that my job does have its perks. I wake up in the morning, drive my own routes, and get to work unsupervised all day long. On top of that… Read more Taking care of my home

I love the beach lifestyle

We have been fortunate. My great grandparents bought a property in a popular southern seaside town years ago when prices were lower than today! Even more fortunate for our family, no one has ever sold the little beach house. Because it currently is over one hundred years old, you can see the changes that various… Read more I love the beach lifestyle

We don’t want to sweat

Most recently, I was required to go to an offsite meeting for my job. The meeting took place at a local hotel, in the banquet room. I was very excited to attend this meeting, mainly because I knew that there may be food. I love food, and my company does an ideal job of providing… Read more We don’t want to sweat

It’s finally summer!

I believe that the summertime, and the 4 weeks of August, in particular, are the hardest days of the year to dress for. The temperatures outside are nevertheless hot, but indoors, the air conditioning is actually freezing! It is still summertime, but everyone is coming back from vacation and getting ready for school. Stores begin… Read more It’s finally summer!