Sorrow of the a/c death

I appreciate renting, i have rented since I graduated from middle school. I had always heard my parents complain incessantly over home repairs, then they argued always when one of them would forget about the appliance repair checks. They went back and forth on the heating and cooling component changes and usage. I couldn’t stand… Read more Sorrow of the a/c death

Our rental cooling system

My girlfriend and I have an Airbnb in the mountains. Actually, we are really new to this adventure. For some time, we have been watching all of our friends buy up property as well as repair them for Airbnbs. It has been fascinating to witness their investments pay for themselves. Some of their Airbnbs are… Read more Our rental cooling system

Pure air quality

My family suffers from pretty dire allergies, and I have no doubt that our allergies are genetic. Otherwise It would be impossible to explain how so many of our family members experience the same issues. It has been incredibly taxing to monitor each one of our allergies. I decided some time ago that the only… Read more Pure air quality

Not the ideal HVAC system

Every month my husband and I go to the local theatre to watch a brilliant performance. I would say that most people love to go to the movies, however we love plays and live action drama. We especially love musicals over everything else. So, when my husband’s favorite show came to our neighborhood the other… Read more Not the ideal HVAC system

Need a/c for vacation

My family plus I recently went on a much needed getaway, however it had been more than two years since the last getaway all of us were able to take, so this was long overdue. This time around, all of us chose to go to a nice tropical Island. This would be our first time… Read more Need a/c for vacation

Heating over the snow

The last time we made a decision to go to the ski resort, my fiance surprised me with this entirely cool cabin he had discovered.  It had its own private pool in addition to a hot tub.  The cabin was close to the ski slopes in addition to we could see them making snow for… Read more Heating over the snow

HVAC that has no air ducts

After our oil furnace broke this year, my hubby started looking through the paperwork plus we found out that it had been installed about thirty years ago.  He is now looking for a new way to heat the dwelling.  Every one of us talked about putting in a Heating plus Air Conditioning system, however it… Read more HVAC that has no air ducts

Need to do the air filters

When the old school commercial for Klondike ice cream first came out, it became a slogan in our dwelling.  The boys always went around asking everyone, ‘What would you do for a Klondike bar?’  For a short while it was a bit funny.  One afternoon, I asked my kid to please change the filters on… Read more Need to do the air filters