Wanting a good heating

When I initially moved to the Northeast, I lived in an old household with a forced air oil furnace. The oil furnace worked alright, but it could be pretty noisy most of the time. I often wished that I lived in a newer household because I wanted to have more current devices! Because the household… Read more Wanting a good heating

Operate with air ducts

My hubby & I are currently building an office in our backyard space. It’s going to double as an art studio, & the two of us are excited to have the extra space to handle our work! The only thing the two of us are conflicted over is what kind of cooling unit to have… Read more Operate with air ducts

Maintaining the HVAC

For a long time now, I have been considering starting my own business! I worked in the sales industry, plus I am down right tired of working for other people… After years of saving up to purchase a nice office building, I am finally in a place to do just that. Just last year I… Read more Maintaining the HVAC

Towers of a/c

I labor for a rather huge construction supplier in my small town, and I just graduated from school about a month ago plus I am already working for my dream corporation. I was incredibly lucky because this is sincerely my dream job. I could not imagine working for another supplier because this happens to be… Read more Towers of a/c

No heating at the house

When I was in university, I worked as a TA for a single one of our psych teachers. When the Christmas break rolled around, our psych Professor was going to be going on a cruise for 2 weeks. She wanted to know if I could watch her condo for her. She said she would provide… Read more No heating at the house

Trash with HVAC

My wife and I awakened one particular day, and found our front lawn riddled with a mess of papers. I walked outside to check out the situation, and hastily realized they were advertising Flyers. A new Heating and Air Conditioning company opened up in our city, and they were advertising various specials. I couldn’t determine… Read more Trash with HVAC