This is totally horrible

The good ole boyfriend, Evan, and I right now are traveling. Evan and I decided to attend a few new countries to explore. We have been hiking and exploring the terrain. Given it is so travel heavy, we obviously had to get ourselves a rental car for our trip. The rental car is totally horrible.… Read more This is totally horrible

I love this heater

Can you feel the heat? That’s a new catch phrase for promoting my business. I am a kid of the 90s, so I understand how important marketing is to growing a brand. And that’s what I want to do here, not just promote a business but build a brand. I have a mascot, a dog… Read more I love this heater

I really act silly

Two years ago my husband decided that he was sick and tired of wrestling with trees and looking for enough firewood for our fireplace. We were getting too old to bother with going out and bringing in wood whenever it got cold, and we no longer wanted to have to worry if there was enough… Read more I really act silly

I’m a big fan of summer

I actually don’t like sardines. I never have and I never will. I also don’t like to feel like a sardine. By that, I mean travelling. I love to travel more than I enjoy breathing. There are a wide variety of forms of travel these days and they all seem to have  a serious lack… Read more I’m a big fan of summer

Tons of friendships

I wanted a summer job, and I wasn’t having any luck finding something. My dad has tons of friends at the pub, and one of them wanted to give me a summer internship. The concept of an internship did not sound great because I knew that meant I would not get paid. The internship was… Read more Tons of friendships

It’s 90 outside!

I am amazed at how hot it is already this early summer season! I live in the pacific northwest and normally we get a few absolutely hot mornings in September each warm season, and the two of us just kind of put up with the short heatwave, go to the pool or hang out at… Read more It’s 90 outside!

This wedding is huge

My job is for a local event center and we host everything; you have anniversary parties, to ceremonies, to supplier conferences. And then as the director of the building I am responsible to ensure that all of our buyers earn the best care possible when they hold their events with us. Our specific responsibilities are… Read more This wedding is huge