Lowering this humidity

Are you wondering why the windows in your get foggy all the time, or why you can detect a musty odor in your home?  In a majority of cases, it is caused by the high humidity levels in your house. High humidity can lead to mildew or mold accumulations, which can cause a danger to… Read more Lowering this humidity

What a quality air conditioner

I grew up in the South. It is very hot here. Almost sub-tropical weather. I recall one summer weekend when the air conditioning broke down. My mother had planned a party for that day to celebrate her niece who had graduated from college the prior week. So along with caterers, musicians, florists and visiting family,… Read more What a quality air conditioner

Air conditioning equipment

All twelve months-long, I live in the deep south. I hate when the summertime weather gets so hot that you just can’t breathe. Basically I move from air conditioning to air conditioning, from a cooled room to a cooled room. I would like to spend time running outside for some physical exercise. But as a… Read more Air conditioning equipment

My home is comfortable

My hubby has worked for the same HVAC dealer for a very long time, as he started right out of private school as a helper, and after we got married and started our own family, he decided to go take the classes necessary to become HVAC certified. He has made a decent living for himself… Read more My home is comfortable

What a fantastic system

I travel a whole lot for work. It is a main component of my position. I am constantly on the go, traveling between different airports, hotels, and meetings on a weekly basis. As a result I don’t have time for a lot of luxuries that many others are accustomed to. For example, I frequently eat… Read more What a fantastic system