My electricity is insane

My friend decided to buy a house and renovate it for the purpose of renting it out to people. It wasn’t really in poor condition. He just needed to replace the old carpet with new carpet, and paint the walls. Another thing he had to fix was the HVAC system. He is a very handy… Read more My electricity is insane

A power air conditioner

It’s that season when the summer is coming to an end, and fall will begin shortly. One of my favorite activities before the summer ends is to go to the fair. My family and I all go together one day a year. It is so much fun to spend all day with the people I… Read more A power air conditioner

I’m trying to save more money

I have been working in a warehouse environment  for almost 20 years now. Although the salary is  wonderful, the work was extremely challenging. The chances of getting into a dangerous accident are very high in a warehouse setting. This chance is even greater in my situation because I am forklift driver. If you’re not paying… Read more I’m trying to save more money

When did it get so hot?

I had a very interesting career. When I was a small child, I looked forward to those days when the kids would play cops and robbers. I always wanted to play the “copper” and catch the bad guys. Well, when I grew up I made that dream my real life! I went to school for… Read more When did it get so hot?

I’m wasting so much energy

I am a mother of two kids, and my children cannot be more different from one another. My little boy, Cooper, is usually running around and playing games all over with his friends. It’s rare that he finishes a day without a coat of sweat, mud, and grass stains spanning across his skin and clothes.… Read more I’m wasting so much energy

I made several changes recently

I have been a professional painter for roughly 20 years. I learned how to undertake specialized finishes and effects and have been unable to keep up with all the excess demand from consumers wanting faux marble finishes inside their foyers or special paint effects on their cabinets. Even though I absolutely adore my job, there… Read more I made several changes recently

This is a very unique system

I work among one of the largest guitar stores within the Midwest. Frank’s has been around for almost 30 years, and I’ve been here for 15 of these years. All of us guys gathered on the sales floor are professional performers; we play in bands, tour the united states, give lessons and write new music.… Read more This is a very unique system