I made several changes recently

I have been a professional painter for roughly 20 years. I learned how to undertake specialized finishes and effects and have been unable to keep up with all the excess demand from consumers wanting faux marble finishes inside their foyers or special paint effects on their cabinets. Even though I absolutely adore my job, there… Read more I made several changes recently

This is a very unique system

I work among one of the largest guitar stores within the Midwest. Frank’s has been around for almost 30 years, and I’ve been here for 15 of these years. All of us guys gathered on the sales floor are professional performers; we play in bands, tour the united states, give lessons and write new music.… Read more This is a very unique system

HVAC ventilation problems

The scent of a dead animal is simply like no other. It is a truly terrible smell. Last week I smelled the scent while I was entering my home. I was unpleasantly surprised. How was there a dead rodent inside my house? I had only ever smelled dead rodents on my papa’s farm when I… Read more HVAC ventilation problems

Lowering our moisture

The amount of money teachers get to set upwards their classrooms is pathetic. I have a ridiculously low budget for ones new year in my room in your home. By the time I choose student workbooks, textbooks and extra school supplies, I am tapped out. That means anything else We need, I have to buy… Read more Lowering our moisture

Fixing our furnace

The area I live in, went through a horrible storm front, some weeks ago. It was the middle of Winter and temperatures had fallen to the lowest degrees! It wasn’t just that the temperature fell, but we got  a sizable snowstorm on top of the low un-even temperatures. Our area took a bad hit and… Read more Fixing our furnace