This was very simple

In the region where I live, the spring and summer weather is quite hot and humid. By March, the outside temperature is commonly in the upper nineties, and remained excessively hot until the end of October. The humidity is so severe, condensate runs down the walls. When I first moved for the area, I was… Read more This was very simple

I love how this heater works

I absolutely hate the forced air furnace that’s been in my house for the past fourteen years. So far, I’ve been stuck paying for minor repairs and living with the ills brought on by an inefficient furnace. While I can’t stand the problems it creates, I’m not picking up a whole new furnace if mine… Read more I love how this heater works

Keeping my home efficient

My spouse and I had our dream house built some years ago. Our home sits for a small hill and overlooks a nice, glistening lake. We have a massive living room with giant, picture windows in addition to a flat screen television built into the wall. The master bathroom provides a very large walk in… Read more Keeping my home efficient

The settings are low

I work al all long hours in my home company. I am always sitting looking at my computer, and I, at times, become very tired and then get terrible headaches. The temperature of my office environment hasn’t been helping with those headaches very much since the summer started. It’s been the hottest summer, up to… Read more The settings are low