This is the way to go

I spent most of my childhood in the northeastern part of the country, and I can say I’ve never owned any good air conditioning. Our summer season has been very short, and often rainy. While we always experienced some hot and sticky days, we made it possible to get by with opening windows and using… Read more This is the way to go

HVAC equipment

While I moved for my job, it took awhile to be in into my new location. I knew certainly no one, and didn’t even know my way for the city. I had to figure out a good place to pay for my groceries, get gas, and additionally eat dinner. I needed a good mechanic to… Read more HVAC equipment

Air vents and the heater

It was about a day ago that I spent the whole day traveling by plane and receiving the worst headache I’ve ever had. I arose from bed at five o’clock in the morning and drove over an hour to the airport. Outside was around twenty-four degrees in temperature, so I needed to get the car… Read more Air vents and the heater

Newer HVAC equipment

I am a christian and I’ve been praying to God for employment. I believe He has put me in just the appropriate place. I work for a local heating and air conditioning company. I adore going there each day. My boss is mostly a christian too, so I don’t have to keep worrying about stepping… Read more Newer HVAC equipment