Corporate apartments are cost efficient

Of course, hotel rooms are still important since they are better for short-term stays

Over the past couple of years, I have noticed that the cost of hotels has been skyrocketing. I used to be able to find a fantastic seafront hotel room with a small living room for approximately 250 bucks. Today, a similar room is almost 400 bucks and there have been no substitutes done or additional amenities included. This room is a small suite which means it’s a lot larger than the average hotel room and it does have a living room and a separate living room. Although this suite is much better than the average hotel room, nothing beats renting a nice corporate apartment. I was first introduced to corporate rentals by one of my corporate buyers who described the apartments as dwelling away from home. Of course, when compared with a hotel room, a corporate rental will be better. For one, there is a lot more living area in a corporate apartment. In addition, there are less people around as motels and hotels are consistently so busy with people checking in and out all the time; But the best part about a corporate dwelling is that it works out to be less lavish than a hotel suite. I can rent an entirely nice corporate dwelling for 2,500 bucks per month and if I were to rent a hotel room with the same amenities, it would cost at least 3 times that amount, however moreover, corporate apartments have similar amenities as a nice hotel room, and at times, the amenities are better. Of course, hotel rooms are still important since they are better for short-term stays. But if I had a choice, I would opt for a corporate rental over a hotel room.


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