Elegant furniture is not suitable for every home

My parents live in a very nice neighborhood in the southern part of the country. And most of the houses in the area have a formal living room that is just for show. Some of my parents’ neighbors have even gotten interior designers to help to decorate these spaces. These rooms are normally off limits to kids and only used to entertain guests. In fact, some people don’t use their formal living rooms at all. I don’t think my parents use theirs either, I have never really sat inside that space for too long. It’s not comfortable as the elegant furniture as well as the accent pieces resemble something from a high end fashion magazine. I think it’s great that my parents have this elegant furniture in their house because it does make the room look sophisticated, but something like this would not work for my house. For one, I have kids and there is no way I would be able to keep them away from that room. Secondly, I like my house to feel like a home and when people come over, I prefer them to be as comfortable as possible in all the rooms in my house. An elegant room doesn’t scream comfort, it’s a room where you have to be careful not to scratch or spill something or damage any of the furniture. Of course, this is just my opinion and that classic elegance look can work for many people with a different lifestyle. Perhaps one day I too will change my perspective about having elegant furniture inside my home. Possibly when the kids are grown and have left the house for good.