Falling trees took out my power.

Not only did the weekend storm put two inches of sleet on the ground, but it had enough thunder to shake our house. Once the thunderstorm passed, it left the winds behind. The winds were averaging about sixty miles per hours, and it was wreaking some havoc. I was nearly asleep when the power went off. I wasn’t sure if it was from the wind, or the damage the wind was doing. We could hear the crack of pine trees all over the property. We live on top of the mountain and there are many massive pine trees. Since pine trees have shallow roots, they are the first to fall when there are heavy winds. Falling trees took our my power, and my furnace wasn’t working. I didn’t realize our power was out until I started shivering. I tried to cuddle closer to my husband, but he just complained I was taking his blankets. I got out of bed, pulled on my heaviest socks and wrapped my robe around me. That’s when I realized it was darker than normal in the house. I always left a night light on in the bathroom. I tried to turn the light on in the kitchen, but it wasn’t working. I went back to wake up my husband and told him the furnace wasn’t working. He groaned and told me to put wood in the fireplace. We had the fireplace removed three years earlier. I finally got him out of bed, and told him we would be without power for at least twelve hours. Without a furnace and no power, I put two extra blankets on the bed, and waited for the sun to wake us up.

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