Fixing the gas furnace at the kindergarten

With the work orders increasing as winter started, the office was super busy with activity.

We had received several calls ranging from servicing to installation.

We had just come from a boiler installation of a gas fireplace when we were redirected to the school district area to a certain kindergarten. The gas furnace at the kindergarten had started acting up. The flames were a different color than usual and they kept intermittently starting after every few minutes. This was affecting the school because the students could not study in the cold. When we got there, the air was stale and felt heavy. The ductwork was not in good condition. I assigned the HVAC repairman to do the duct cleaning so that the air flowing through the HVAC ducts from a clean washable filter would be clean. This greatly increased the quality of air within the school thus creating a healthy condition for studying. The school management had done a good job, following the energy-saving help tips provided by the home service professionals. The furnace/heater tune-up took quite a while because we had to replace a worn-out component and the heating provider took a long time to deliver the required components. All this time while we were reviving the whole home heating we could hear the kids sing their nursery rhymes. We finished the job and cleaned our working area leaving it tidy. By the time we left the school, we were all singing along to the nursery rhymes until we got back to the heating corp offices. After listening to rhymes for hours, they were stuck in our heads for the rest of the day. Though it was a busy day, seeing how happy the children got, made my day.

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