Four More Writings to do and Then I Think a Short Nap is in Order

I may do just two more articles and then take a nap because my eyelids are starting to get heavy and my brain is slowing down some.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately and usually it is because my heart is trying to tell me something is off in my life.

I think I need to push myself more with my passion pursuit and not be so lazy, it’s almost as if I have given up on life and at 55 years old that is not an option. I just got burned a few times, and not by my fireplace, but by friends and money. I think I took it too hard and let it bring me down, but now it is time to rise out of the ashes and become that Phoenix that I know I have inside of me. My ductwork cleaning job each week isn’t cutting it and my heart is trying to whisper to me at night, keeping me awake many nights in the process. I thought that is what I wanted in life when I started; a good job to earn money so I can live a good life. But there is more to life than just helping people with their air quality by doing duct cleaning and repairs. I am going to make a shift in my life and see how much gas I have left in the tank to make my dreams come true. I think the HVAC industry will be there for me if I need to come back to the HVAC repairs and servicing, but for now it is going to be chasing your dreams for me.


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