Going with geothermal heat pump just felt right

This heating and cooling method is the most sustainable outside of solar power

I think having grandkids was the tipping point for my wife and I. When we were still in college, we got married. And once we graduated and got jobs that came with a desk and commercial HVAC, we started a family. It was almost like a routine we were following. Our life was going to be even bigger and grander than our parents. That was the American way. However, we both came from fairly affluent circumstances. We both grew up in homes that were well appointed, big and had the latest in residential HVAC. So the reality of automatically having a better life than our parents wasn’t at all assured. We found that out pretty quickly as we were both working full time and still, we were doing our best to just get by. This caused us to sort of change our trajectory and simply be grateful for what we had and maybe simplify our lives a bit. That’s what we did and we focused on raising our kids. Once we updated the HVAC equipment in the family home and sold it, we weren’t sure what to do next. The simplified life took on a ecological perspective once the grandkids were born and climate change became a fact. We felt it was important to do our part so we built a much smaller home and chose a geothermal heat pump for our heating and cooling. This heating and cooling method is the most sustainable outside of solar power. We want to do all we can in order to help change the trajectory of climate change and consumption in our lives so our grandkid could enjoy theirs.

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