Hassan is thriving as a heating and AC expert

Hassan was only 5 years old when he and his family left their native country and came to this country.

  • Up until it wasn’t and they had to leave, life had been wonderful at home.

Although it took Hassan some time to get used to a new way of life, his time at school was fortunately excellent. Hassan received additional tutoring from a teacher who took him under his wing. Even better, he quickly learned how to speak the native tongue and made friends. After that, Hassan attended middle school and high school, where he excelled. Never having intended to attend college, he chose to enroll in a trade school instead. There was a plumbing vs. an electrical option. Hassan was introduced to the HVAC industry by a neighbor who was an expert. He discussed with Hassan the many opportunities available in the HVAC sector and how they were constantly looking for young people with a tech-savvy attitude who would perform better using the most recent HVAC technology. Hassan was persuaded by this as well as the job security and enrolled in a trade school to pursue a career as a heating and air conditioning specialist. He had everything he needed to earn his HVAC certification thanks to the support of his parents. Hassan has been working as a heating and cooling specialist for ten years after finishing his HVAC training. The neighbor had been accurate in predicting the potential and career opportunities in the HVAC sector. As a married man with a son, Hassan has been able to support his family thanks to job security. He keeps going to new training sessions to improve his ability to use the most recent HVAC technology.

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