He told me he needed more non-HVAC articles.

I had been doing HVAC articles for almost three years, when my boss told me he had enough.

He was building a website and needed all the information he could get.

He told me he was now involved in a new business venture that had nothing to do with HVAC. I asked what I was supposed to do with all the articles I had written for his HVAC company. He told me save them, since he would eventually go back into the HVAC business. I was not ready to switch gears so quickly. He gave me no hint of what kind of business venture he was getting involved with. All he said was that it was going to be phenomenal, and it would make us a lot of money. I just laughed and patted his cheek. If my husband had anything else to do, I was going to go nuts. It exhausted me turning out his weekly HVAC articles, but now he wanted me to create articles on something I knew nothing about. He was an HVAC technician. I didn’t think he knew any kind of business but HVAC. Two weeks later, I had no articles written, but I had been enjoying doing nothing for a while. MY husband asked me where his weekly HVAC articles were? I told him he wanted me to quit writing HVAC articles, and he was going into another business venture. He said the new business venture fell through. He was going to stick to something he knew, and that was HVAC. I was glad he made a decision, but I was back to working on his website and writing more articles.


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