Heating and A/C year by year

Which was the invention of the central heating and a/c method unit

The great and most interesting world of heating and a/c has always been changing year by year. If you trace it back to the certainly beginning of time, heating and a/c was constantly on the rise. Even when there was nothing however dry ice in a tub for a form of the most earliest a/c, all the way to the invention of the first warm water boiler which created the second form of heating. Of course the first form of heating goes all the way back to the caveman days with fire. Which in turn could certainly be an early fireplace. As we move on through time the creation of the first oil furnace, the window a/c method unit and then of course, the major breakthrough in all heating and cooling technology history. Which was the invention of the central heating and a/c method unit. This week, mostly every house in the country is heat and cooled by the power of central heating and a/cs. It could be commercial heating and a/cs for big buildings and businesses, and then residential heating and a/cs for people’s homes. If you really trace back the roots of Heating and A/C all together, you will find that it has been quite an amazing journey all together and that there is a lot more to come as the future moves on forward! Heating and a/c technology is always changing and it never will stop changing I am pretty sure.

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