Heating costs are quite high during winter

Molly will be relocating down south this coming month.

  • She has been saying that she wants to move for years now, but we can’t sincerely say that we ever thought she would do it.

Molly is always talking a lot and not showing any action, if you know what we mean. We don’t know why she is that way, but she’s been like that since we were children. Anyway, Molly said that she wanted to move down south because she is tired of the chilly weather that we get around here. We suppose we can’t entirely blame her for wanting to move somewhere with warmer temperatures. The weather around here gets gnarly during the winters and the ice and snow is awful. We hate the chilly weather too but we never thought about moving away because of it. Both of us think that it would be nice to relocate down where the weather is warmer simply because you don’t have to pay so much money for heating bills during the winter. Each year, the heating bills break the bank for us during the winter season and we don’t like having to pay them. We know that heating bills are just a part of living around here, but Molly can’t take it anymore for some reason. We suppose it’s because we’re just getting older. Periodically, she talks about living close to the beach, but we don’t know if that’s entirely the right move for her. She doesn’t seem like much of a beach lady to us.

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