How could the HVAC technician be there?

I got home last week and saw a note pinned to my door.

  • I was the only one home this week since my parents went away for a week without me.

I was in college and didn’t get spring break for another month. Mom and dad had some time off and a little money put back. They told me to stay home and make sure I went to school every day, then kissed my cheek and left. When I saw the note, I thought maybe they had gotten home early, but that was impossible. They had only left the day before. I took the note down and it read that he would return the next day to finish the repairs on the air conditioning unit. The HVAC technician signed it. How could the HVAC technician be there when no one was home? None of this was adding up, and I was concerned. I called mom and asked if she had the HVAC technician coming to the house? She told me she hadn’t called the HVAC company, and neither had dad. She was sure it was a simple mistake. I went over to Mrs. Callaway’s and asked if she had the HVAC technician at the house. She said he had been there, but he left to get some things at the HVAC company. She had to go to the doctor’s and left. I called the HVAC company and told them about the note. Mrs. Callaway had called them and told them to have the HVAC technician leave a note at my house to let her know when he would return.



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