HVAC service plan is best deal ever

My parents were always all about appearances.

  • I guess that had to do with my dad’s position or some weird social thing of that age.

But it never made any sense to me. I’m thankful to have grown up inside a home with all the amenities and wonderful quality heating and air. But I was very much my own person and went almost the complete opposite way when it came to my parent’s wishes for me. Instead, I spent plenty of time inside the central air conditioning of that house studying. I wanted to be my own person and get scholarships so I could study what I wanted. And that turned out pretty well. I’m not rich but that really isn’t the point and my parents just don’t get that. Instead, I’m all about getting the most value I can from what I spend my money on. And when it comes to the HVAC service plan, I hit a jackpot. First of all, being part of the HVAC service plan offered by my local HVAC company takes stuff off my plate. And I’m always for anything that takes stuff off my plate. I don’t have to remember to call for HVAC maintenance appointments any longer. This is truly worth being part of the HVAC service plan alone. But there’s a much bigger bonus. The HVAC company believes in HVAC maintenance so much that they put their money where their mouth is. If I should have a breakdown with my HVAC equipment, all I have to do is pay for parts to fix it and they pick up the labor.

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