I asked the kids to scrub the air vents

I had to go away over their weekends and I left both of my teenagers house alone.

I hated to leave the guys by themselves, however my Dad was sick and she could not come over.

She told me that she would check on the guys from time to time and she would send my uncle over on Tuesday to make sure they were not dead. I did not appreciate my mom’s humor! Joking around about the kids dying while I am away for the weekend is a bad and bad thing. I asked the kids to do one thing for me while I was away. I plan to scrub all of the air vents. They are absolutely disconnected using a screwdriver. My friend and I also have a step stool and a ladder to make the task easier. I told the guys that I wanted them to detach all of the air vents and soak them in Bleach water. After that all of the air vents had to be properly dried off and replaced. I knew it would unquestionably take an hour or two for the guys to complete the work, however it was one simple task and the only task that I asked them to complete while I was away. The guys did not scrub the air vents and they had a celebration while I was away from the house. When my uncle went to visit the kids on Tuesday, she even reminded them to complete their chores. Still, I came house to a dirty dwelling and the one thing that I asked them to do still wasn’t done.


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