I could no longer listen to anymore HVAC rants

Some people are just too strenuous to deal with.

It took me a fairly long time to realize that it’s perfectly alright to walk away from people who are extremely toxic. That goes for people who were once good friends and even bosses and coworkers. The energy involved trying to please a miserable boss just isn’t worth it. I’m honestly thankful to have a great job inside the zone controlled HVAC of a great building downtown. But in the first place, I worked for a person who was just the worst and there was nothing that could please them. I offered it a go for approximately a year but then realized that I was a stakeholder in the situation as well. That was a lightbulb moment and I just went over his head to the crucial bosses with the thermostats inside their conference rooms. And it was totally self-explanatory to get moved to another department. I’ve followed that model for a relatively long time now. But it’s strenuous when dealing with a neighbor who just won’t quit. I have an old guy who resides a couple of houses down. This guy is regularly ranting about being ripped off or some sort of conspiracy. A number one topic is how the HVAC equipment company and the HVAC service is a rip off. Like the guy would come into our yard to tell myself and others this when he noticed the HVAC company van. The other day, I just had enough and got truly intense with that particular neighbor. I truly doubt that he’ll be coming back with anything more to say about our choices when it comes to excellent HVAC service.

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