I do it all myself

I am one who deals with a lot of allergies, and especially because there are a lot of trees on my property. Because of this, I easily trim the trees plus cut the weeds myself. I have a special method that I use while wearing a face mask that keeps the allergens from going too crazy in the air. The air quality used to get really terrible when I would hire landscapers to do it. I always had to crank all of my portable media air cleaners plus it was getting to be a real hassle. I knew there had to be another way to do all of this separate from making the allergens fly through the air plus hit my loft with the terrible air quality. And I figured it out. This is why I do it all myself these days. It is a lot of work to deal with, but it is well worth the hassle to have better air quality plus not have to set up my portable media air cleaners in the way I was doing it, which was even more of a hassle every single time. The air quality otherwise in my section is perfect plus does not have any issues. It was only when the trees were trimmed plus the weeds were cut by the professional landscapers that the air quality went downhill for a few days plus I had the issues with my allergies plus doing the special set up with my 3 portable media air cleaners that I have in the closet in my home.

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