I drank way too much liquor over the years

Back in the day, I used to always head over to the liquor store to pick up some vodka.

I guess I have been drinking too much over the years, but I always loved that store.

The people there have always been nice and they also have excellent temperature control settings. Not to mention the air quality has always been fantastic every time I have walked into the place and I learned that’s because they use a UV air purification system. I can easily cruise the store and see if I want something else like some wine for my wife and I to enjoy. There have been times when I didn’t know what I wanted, but the guys recommended some very good selections of wines that have been a big hit between my wife and I. Well, more recently my doctor told me that my liver was damaged and I would have to slow down on the drinking and eventually stop altogether. I didn’t want to stop getting my drinks, but I realized that I had no choice if I wanted to continue to live on. It was difficult for me, but I told the guys at the liquor store what was going on. They told me they would miss seeing me around and I should definitely recommend them to all my buddies, which I did. It’s been years since I’ve been to that liquor store. I wonder if they still have such amazing air quality or if the same people are still working there. I mean, I’m sure the owner is still there, but there might be different workers. I thought about going to visit those guys, but it seems ridiculous if I’m not buying anything and not to mention, I would be tempted to buy more alcohol that I can’t drink.


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