I hired an HVAC tech who was not certified

My handyman is named Hacksaw.

Well, that isn’t the name of his birth certificate, I suppose, but it’s what everyone calls him.

I have no idea what his real name is. Even on his business cards he just has the name Hacksaw. He is what my dad would call an “Old Time Tough Guy.” Hacksaw stands over six feet tall, and is sculpted from rock-hard muscle. To my knowledge Hacksaw is not licensed or bonded as a contractor, but he’s the first person I call for any electrical, plumbing, or HVAC issues. I am well aware that HVAC techs need to be certified, and I am equally aware Hacksaw does not have said certification. Hacksaw is a “good old boy” who is a lot smarter than he seems, and he has always provided excellent service for my heating and cooling needs. My house has a very old natural gas furnace, which Hacksaw tunes up for me every year. Every time he does it, he says “this furnace doesn’t have much time left” but then it works great for another year. There was one time the air conditioner stopped working, and after doing an inspection Hacksaw said he couldn’t fix it. Fortunately he did know a certified HVAC tech who did the job for him. Every time he says he can do something, he follows through. He has actually tuned up and repaired my air conditioner several other times, but the one time he couldn’t, he just admitted it. Even though he’s an outlaw in the world of A/C repair, he has always done right by me.

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