I needed a thermostat sensor

I had been having a very hard time keeping my study room sizzling during the evenings! I had adjusted the temperature control several times & the rest of my home was responding to the temperature changes that were made, and however, my study room wasn’t getting any warmer.

I wanted to eliminate the thought that my mind was playing tricks on myself and others because I thought the study room was colder, so I got my hands on an outdoor temperature control & localed it in my room, and after a minute had gone by, I looked at the temperature control & my assumption was confirmed.

My study room was more than six degrees cooler than the rest of my home & I didn’t have any idea as to why. I didn’t know there was anything I could do to repair the temperature difference, so I hired a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C professional to come take a full look at the situation. She turned my oil furnace & gave myself and others a positive report. According to him, she was under the impression that the only reason my study room wasn’t being heated properly was because the temperature control is not getting an accurate reading of the space, however when I asked him how I could repair the problem, she recommended that I install a temperature control sensor, since I already had a smart temperature control, the temperature control sensor would digitally coordinate with the temperature control & provide it a more accurate reading. I discovered that the temperature control sensors online & installed 1 in my study room instantly. I wasn’t actually expecting it to work, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did! I’m pumped that it was as simple as buying a temperature control sensor & installing it in my study room. It was simple & affordable.


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