I rescheduled my A/C appointment

Once I make a schedule, I don’t really like to change it, but sometimes, change is necessary.

I was washing the dishes in my home when I suddenly heard my phone ringing.

I ran to answer it before it went silent, and when I answered, I was amazed to hear it was my old crush! His voice alone made my stomach fill with butterflies. We had such a thing going, and great chemistry to match. But he wanted to explore the world and travel to different countries. I had a family to take care of, my younger sibling is disabled and she needs daily care because of it. Not to mention, this was my hometown, and I couldn’t see myself ever living anywhere else. So he left, and I stayed. He called today to tell me he was back in town, and he was considering staying. This made my heart leap with joy! We arranged to see each other tomorrow, because he wanted to rest after a long drive. I looked at my schedule and noticed that I had a HVAC appointment for tomorrow, which was a little disappointing. I decided that I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity, and so I decided to reschedule the A/C appointment. I called the local A/C corporation, and I asked about rescheduling. Thankfully, they had another appointment at the same time, the very next day after tomorrow! This worked out perfectly, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the stars were aligning to get us together. I felt so hopeful and dreamy, now I need to find a nice outfit!

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