I should have purchased the other one

When I purchased a window air conditioning system a week ago I was really excited about it.

Apart from using my central air conditioning system, I didn’t have any other kind of AC system and I was looking forward to using an additional AC system in conjunction with my central AC unit.

This is because it had been costing me more and more money to run my central AC and I figured that if I could use a window air conditioner or something similar that I’d be able to save money on my energy bills. So hey when you talk to my local heating and AC company and I bought the cheapest window air conditioning system that they have available. And I thought that would be enough. I really thought that this window air conditioning system would be all that I needed. However, I soon would find out that I was wrong and that I would need much more than the window air conditioning system if I wanted to cool down my home. This is because even when I had the window AC system in the window, it just didn’t cool the house like it was supposed to. In fact if anything I feel like all it did was blow in more hot air into the room. I had it in my bedroom window because I was hoping to go to sleep with the cool air blowing on me. But with all it was blowing hot and humid around it didn’t help me get any sleep at all. I later returned it and went with a ductless mini split instead.

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