I used to assist my father, the independent HVAC technician

I suppose the fact that my dad and I have always been close makes it simple for him to live with me.

My mother has passed away, and he is now in his 60s.

In order for him to be near his grandchildren, I had to persuade him to move in with my family and me. We thought Dad was getting lonely in that big house because he is retired and was at home. He immediately agreed to the move when my partner and I mentioned it, so we didn’t even need to try to persuade him. I adore my dad, and we have so many wonderful memories together. I recall that when I was younger, I used to assist my father in his work. He covered such a large area as a self-employed HVAC technician. I used to ride in his truck on the weekends and during holidays from school, hold his tools, and later, when I was more mature, even assist with some repairs. He always paid me for those trips, and I learned a lot from him about life. Because Dad was well-liked in the neighborhood, people made sure to call him whenever there was a heating or cooling problem. The more advanced HVAC technology was, the harder dad tried to keep up. I recollect explaining computers and the internet to him. In order to assist his customers with all of their systems for heating and cooling, he wanted to stay current. Many homes first got smart thermostats thanks to dad. He would market them on his website and install them for local homeowners. Dad still fixes HVAC systems occasionally even though he is currently retired as a self-employed technician.

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