I was in the market for a cheap HEPA air filter.

I was looking to buy a cheap HEPA air filter to see if it worked in my oil furnace.

I knew they were costly and I didn’t want to buy an costly before I knew if it was going to work in my oil furnace.

I went to several different Heating as well as Air Conditioning companies in my search for a cheap HEPA air filter, but all the people looked at me oddly. I finally had one Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker supply me one she kept in her service van, just to show homeowners how much thicker they were than respected air filters. She asked for my address and told me she would come to the house and let me see if it worked. Later that morning, I was just getting lake house from work when the Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker arrived. I showed him to the basement, and she brought the HEPA air filter with him. She showed me the difference between my air filter and the HEPA air filter. She explained the reason the HEPA air filter was so much heavier was because it was made to attract more dirt and debris, and hold it. The oil furnace had to have special requirements if it was going to house a HEPA air filter. She said that most oil heating systems made more than more than nine years ago, would not be able to have a HEPA air filter installed separate from doing harm to the oil furnace. It would not allow enough airflow, and it would genuinely damage the component and cause more harm than good. I hated to admit she may be right, despite the fact that I had to admit that what she was saying about the HEPA air filter made a lot of sense now that I saw the difference.

Heater technician