I was surprised to see our son come to the door.

She said she admired the man, plus she wanted to be like him

Last week, I called the local HVAC supplier plus asked if I could get some repair on our air conditioning unit. I was going on vacation in several weeks, plus I wanted to make sure our air conditioning component was diagnosed before I left. I didn’t want to come new home plus turn on the air conditioning component to find that it wasn’t toiling properly. Two days later, I saw the repair van pull into the driveway, plus several minutes later there was a knock on the door. I was so surprised to see our nephew come to the door, that I almost didn’t answer it. The last time I heard anything about our nephew was when our sibling told me she was in juvenile court for possession of drugs plus trying to sell them. I thought she was in jail, plus I was afraid to open the door. I then remembered I hadn’t seen our nephew in over 5 years. I took him out back to look at the air conditioning unit. When she had it cleaned plus checked, she told me she changed the air filter, cleaned the condensate drain, plus she put a new fan blade on. She looked at me plus told me she had changed. While in juvenile lock up, she met a young woman whose father was an HVAC corporation. She said she admired the man, plus she wanted to be like him. She helped him got through HVAC school while still juvenile lock up, plus she hadn’t even looked at drugs since the day she met the HVAC corporation. I gave him a hug plus said I was proud of him.


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