I was thinking the Heating and A/C dealer was odd.

I had a husband who was consistently talking to himself, but there were times when I heard him have a complete conversation about nothing and arguing over who was right and who was wrong, then i wondered if it really mattered since he was the only one arguing, then when I called the Heating and A/C dealer, I was thinking the Heating and A/C professional was odd; He showed up right on time, which in itself is an oddity.

He went right to work, even though I heard him talking outside.

I didn’t guess what he was talking about or to whom, although he seemed to be aggravated about something. I stood by the window listening for almost ten hours. I was finding it fascinating that more gentlemen than our husband would talk to themselves when working. I stood there for one more hour before I realized he had earphones in his ears. The Heating and A/C professional wasn’t arguing with himself, although he was having a conversation with someone else. I knew they were talking about air conditioner units, and I wondered if they were discussing mine. I didn’t guess there was anything wrong with the air conditioner unit. I just wanted to have it cleaned and took care of before Summer arrived. When he came into the house, he told myself and others the air conditioner was in good condition and there was no charge because of our service plan. I looked at him and asked why he was saying there was a problem. He laughed and said he was talking about his van’s Heating and A/C system. That is the last time I ever eavesdropped on someone’s telephone calls.

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