It was the greatest

I recently went to the movie theater for the first time in almost a decade.

I really am not into new movies, however I went because my wife wanted to see this one movie that just came out.

I have to say it was an hot day and I did not want to leave the house! But much to my surprise when we walked into the movie theater it had the best central a/c! I am not used to having quality a/c in movie theaters, then they usually are overheated and sticky no matter if they have a/c or not. But I know in all of these years things have changed and they upgraded their central heating and a/c system. This month central heating and a/c systems in commercial sites are particularly high class. Even in small gas station convenience stores. It just goes to show that the advent of heating and a/c technology has advanced so much in the last decade. I was ok with going to this movie theater because of the appealing a/c. They had a commercial heating and a/c system unit I am sure. That would be the only thing to explain why the central a/c was so great in there. If all movie theaters were like this today I would not mind going even if the movies are horrible. I would at least get to enjoy top quality a/c, so I know it was great after all.


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