Laying Low, Living Life, and Just Having Some Fun

I’ve spent a lot of my life in pursuit of things; an engineering degree, a career in standup comedy, a career as a volleyball pro. But now I feel it is time to downshift a bit and learn to just live and enjoy life without so much pursuing going on. I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing things you enjoy and just being. We don’t all have to be movie stars and astronauts to feel we have lived a life worth living. I am happy working at the local business now as a janitor on weekends and teaching beach ball during the weekdays. I like to play music in the evenings a few times a week and we have audiences watching and singing along quite regularly and this is enough for me to feel I am truly living life. I like working at the HVAC corp on the weekends because it is quiet and they are closed so I can work at my leisure while I listen to music and just do my thing. I may pick up a yoga client and teach a few lessons during the week once the weather cools down a bit. It is mid August now and I think that we will be seeing cooler temperatures in the next few weeks. It will be a welcome change as I have been running my air conditioning system way too much over the past few months. There will be a month or two of no climate control in my flat and then we will be switching to heating soon after.


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