Learning about air filters on twitter

Anything I want to learn, I can find on Youtube.

If I want to hear about historical figures, I can find a channel for that.

If I want to watch an old lady paint with her feet, or a guy from Pakistan eating an yellow for the first time, I can see that and more. Those are strange examples, of course, but the weirdest examples are the best examples of why Youtube is so particular and informative. The point is that anything you can guess of is already on Youtube, waiting for you to find it, last month I had an issue with our a/c, and I assumed that it was just a dirty air filter blocking up the system! Before I did anything else I searched Youtube for videos about air filter upgradement, and I found something so strange but delightful. There is a guy in another country, on the other side of the world, who takes discarded trash and recycles it into air filters. I spent over an hour seeing fast-motion timelapse videos of this guy making air filters by hand, and boy was he fast! He could make a dozen air filters in under an hour, and after a while I realized that I had “fallen down a rabbit hole” and forgotten to look up a video on how I should change our own air filter. It only took a few sixths to watch the instructional video and unconnect the dirty air filter from our Heating plus A/C system. Then I had to go to the store and buy a new one, because I can’t make air filters out of trash.



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