Learning everything I can about heating and cooling repair

When I started this job, I made a vow to myself to learn everything I could.

This was the first time I ever had a chance at a real career. Before this job, everything was a dead-end office job, or clerking at a retail store. Now I had my foot in the door. I took a long-term view of my situation and tried to soak up all the information and wisdom I could from the older guys. Mouth shut, eyes open, as the saying goes. I worked extra shifts, I shadowed the senior techs just to watch them work, I did everything I could. It’s working, and my HVAC skill set is growing by leaps and bounds. Last week I made my first set of custom-built air ducts. A few months ago I never would have dreamed that I could actually build a set of air ducts, and then install them myself. This is how much I have learned about heating and cooling in a short period of time. I went to the work site, removed the old ductwork, took all the measurements, then went back to the workshop and started building. A few days later I drove to the worksite and installed the new air ducts, then connected the air vents to them, and finally hooked it all up to the main HVAC system. After a quick test run to check for splits and gaps, I applied sealant to the new ductwork, wrapped them in insulation, and presented my work to a satisfied customer. I have a lot left to learn, but I am proud of myself.


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