Living life with air conditioning

I hate that when I moved out of my parent’s house that life can be tough. I don’t really have a lot of money and I find that I struggle quite a bit with everyday tasks. Maybe it’s my depression giving in to adult life but I am doing my best to build a life that I can be proud of. I don’t ask anything from my parents, although I know both mom and dad will help in any way I need it. For example, the other day my car broke down and my dad came to the rescue. They want to see me succeed and they understand that I’m trying to do this with little help but like I said I really don’t have the money so if something happens to my car, then I’m in trouble. I need that to get to work! I think the one thing I miss the most was the central air conditioning I had living with my parents. I work in the kitchen and it’s always hot in there but after work, it was nice to sit in the air conditioning. Now, the place I have, it doesn’t have any air conditioning. It’s terrible and I find that I’m sweating at work and now at home. I talked to an HVAC technician recently to see how much it would cost to get air conditioning and the price isn’t something I can afford right now. I think in the meantime I’m going to have to see if I can find a window air conditioner. It’s not really what I want to do but it’ll have to do until I can afford central air conditioning.

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