Loving my HVAC on a rainy day

I totally have to say that I love my central heating and air conditioning system on rainy days.

The one thing I really like to do is to have my heating and air conditioning system’s heater going while I sit by the window with it slightly cracked open letting the nice cool air in while keeping warm at the same time from my central heating and air conditioning system unit’s heater all while watching the rain.

This is a favorite thing of mine to do. Why, I have no idea. It is just something I have enjoyed since I was a kid. My parents always had the gas furnace at the time running and they would have the window slightly cracked. It was something they loved and it just adapted to me as an adult as well. Call it some kind of odd family tradition or something like that. This is what I really enjoy. However in the summer time months when it rains, I usually pull out a portable air conditioning system instead of running the central heating and cooling system unit. Having the portable air conditioning system makes it not so chilly and just the right coolness for the summer while it rains and has a cool breeze with the window opened slightly. It is a different effect and feeling but I like it just as much. The strange things we all sometimes do for indoor comfort and relaxation. I have introduced this method to others and some have enjoyed it and thanked me, and some said I was totally off my rocker. To each their own.


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