Mercy helped me come up with an excellent HVAC website

Mercy and I have been friends for the longest time.

We first met in college and quickly became friends.

Life after high school was so different because I didn’t have any of my old friends around. We had all parted ways and now each of us was pursuing a different course. So, when I went to college, I needed to make new friends. I met Mercy at the cafeteria while looking for an empty table where I could sit and have lunch. She was there pursuing an IT course, and I was taking HVAC classes. Mercy wanted to major in web design, and her goal was to set up a business helping people with website development. I wanted to get my HVAC certification and work for a HVAC company. One time while we spoke about our dreams, I told Mercy I wanted to set up my own HVAC company, however I saw this as a huge goal to achieve. Mercy has never been one to think there’s anything too big to achieve. She kept talking to me about my dream even after we graduated and I began working for a local HVAC company. Finally, two years into my job, I quit and went to work setting up my own business. Mercy was there to help push me forward, and she even came up with the best HVAC website. Then, we came up with a social media strategy to introduce the company to residents in the areas I would reach. She is a genius when it comes to matters such as SEO to increase visibility and digital marketing. I can say my success since setting up the business has been partially because of my friend Mercy.

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