My dad let me borrow his portable space heater

It hasn’t been a great day.

My wife just said that there is an issue with the dial thermostat and there is no heat coming out of the vents.

It feels like there is always an issue with the house we just bought. First, it was the piping wasn’t good, next the wiring of the electricity was old and now it looks like there might be something wrong with our HVAC system. I don’t think we’ll catch a break any time soon. She said she called the HVAC company already to schedule an appointment but the heating and cooling company said that they are backed up by some emergencies going on with various businesses and their HVAC systems. I feel this is really odd but there really isn’t anything we can do. My wife also said this will have an HVAC come out on Monday, which is 3 days away for us so we might be without heat for a couple of days. I was at my dad’s at the time and he overheard the frustration that was coming out of my voice and said, “just take my portable space heater, it’s just collecting dust anyways.” My dad is right though, it literally sits in a closet in the spare bedroom of his house. The spare bedroom that used to be mine when growing up is now just a collection of things that my parents don’t want to deal with at the moment. 3 days until and HVAC technician comes and this portable space heater will have to do for now.