My dad wanted a new A/C for his birthday this year

My dad said that he wanted to get a new A/C system for his birthday this year, but I don’t think that he ever really thought that we would get one for him.

He is always saying stuff like that, but I think that he’s pretty sure that no one is ever listening to him for the most part.

This year, however, we were able to pay enough to get him a really spectacular birthday gift and we had been shopping around for something like a golf cart or a home theater system. We weren’t really sure exactly what we were going to get him until he mentioned something about needing a new air conditioning system for the house. When he said that at dinner the other night, my ears really perked up because we had really been looking for something great for him as a gift. Well, when he mentioned that he really wanted to get a new air conditioning system, I knew right then that it was what we were going to get for him. As soon as we left my dad’s house that day, we ended up going home and calling our local HVAC company to make an appointment for him. I know that the day that we have them come out to install the new air conditioning system for him, my dad is going to be super surprised and happy. I can’t wait to see his face whenever the HVAC company van pulls up in the driveway at his house and they tell him that they are there to install his new air conditioning system!



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