My friends think that my cherry wood furniture is dated

I am obsessed with cherry wood furniture even though it’s not the preferred furniture in this modern era.

  • In fact, many of my friends with modern homes believe that my cherry wood furniture is a bit dated.

My friend Lisa even said my furniture reminds her of the furniture in her grandmother’s house. While this might be a popular opinion, I still love the classic look and feel of cherry wood furniture. Plus, the finish comes in so many different colors so there are lots of variety to choose from. Moreover, I believe that the cherry wood furniture can be paired with other pieces to create a modern or contemporary look. Personally, I like taking risks when it comes to decorating my home, and it drives me nuts seeing every house with the same style furniture. It lacks creativity and it tells me that everyone went to the same furniture store in the city that we live in. I like unique accents, and I like antique pieces as well. And if I could find something that is both an antique as well as unique, I have hit the jackpot. This is why I love going to estate sales because I can really find some great pieces there. And yes, many of the furniture at an estate sale is old, but typically they are in great condition. It beats getting the cookie cutter furniture from the local furniture store in my town. Anyway, although my friends may not like my taste in furnishings, I won’t change my mind about liking cherry wood furniture. Because unlike them, I don’t believe it’s dated at all.


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