My grandmother and her fireplace

There is no other place my grandmother rather be at her house than the fireplace.

You can find her just relaxing sipping her tea.

This woman loves the heat. If we are at our place, road stops at a hotel, motel or wherever you can find her blasting the dial thermostat to a minimum of 76 degrees. As she got older she got colder and with that coldness, the thermostat heat settings kept increasing. So basically each year she aged, the temperature increased by 1 degree. Basically, if she hits 90, that will be the temperature of the room she will be sitting in. I for sure won’t be in the same room as her if that happens. I’m struggling now and it’s set to 78 degrees. I barely handle this but I will endure and deal with it since she is my grandmother. The only problem is sometimes I stay the night and a friend comes with me and we just play cards with her, every friend gets a little emotional due to the heat and wants to leave. Honestly, I can’t blame them. If I wasn’t used to it and if this wasn’t my grandmother, I’d be very emotional about the whole thing as well. When she sits in her chair in front of the fireplace she just sips her tea, hums some music and smiles. I love that she is comfortable and enjoying her time in front of the fireplace. At times she falls asleep in her chair while I’m over and I’ll throw in a couple of logs to keep the fire blazing. I like seeing her happy.


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